Nelsonet is where you need to come in order to find out how you can leverage Microsoft products in your small and medium business. See Andrew’s personal blog for technology related content covering Microsoft products from the Office Suite to the Visual Studio development platform and so much more.Nelsonet is the “Go To” consultant for all your IT needs including:

  • Windows Desktop deployment and management
  • Windows Server and Active Directory
  • Custom Software Development for desktop Applications
  • Custom Software Development for the web
  • Preparing your applications and database for the cloud
  • Document Management
  • Virtualization
  • Enhanced Reporting with SQL products such as Microsoft SQL
  • Project Mangement
  • Network Administration
  • Best Practices

Nelsonet excels in taking your legacy software and building custom applications around it using modern tools such as asp.net, SQL Server, Virtualization and cloud computing to move your dated systems to cutting edge technology.

If your company can use these services please contact Nelsonet using the “Contact” page from the menu above, or by contacting us directly via email using “info¬†at¬†nelsonet.net“.

Thank you for visiting Nelsonet.

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